Bearing Witness, Reclaiming KinshiP

“We always seem to be faced with this choice: to save the world or savor it. I want to propose that savoring is better, and that when we seek to “save” and “contribute” and “give back” and “rescue” folks and EVEN “make a difference” then it is all about you… and the world stays stuck… . The good news of course, is that when we choose to “savor” the world, it gets saved. Don’t set out to change the world. Set out to wonder how people are doing.”


As a community of faith captivated by the Gospel, Bearing Witness, Reclaiming Kinship is our way of setting out to wonder how people are doing.  It’s an invitation to savor and “show up” this year as an Emmaus Way community. 

Bearing Witness, Reclaiming Kinship, doesn’t invite us to fix, to know all the answers, or to solve all the problems. It does invite us to be open to healing that can come from freeing ourselves—even just a a bit—from the everyday tyranny of our economic, cultural, social, symbolic capital. 

Bearing Witness, Reclaiming Kinship doesn't ask us for perfection or to have it all together. But rather, to merely lean into what it means to be human in this space and time; what it means to be church, this Emmaus Way; to be beloved community in such a way that it lifts us out of isolation. 

Bearing Witness, Reclaiming Kinship invites us to open our eyes to savor and to show up in our lives and the world: to God, to the Gospel, to our neighbor, to the stranger, to one another, to injustice, to love, to light, to hardship, to joy, to pain. It asks us to live and be in challenging, simple, profound ways—letting go of what we know and honoring what exists. 

Bearing Witness, Reclaiming Kinship invites us to begin from the point of our brokenness and the world’s pain, bringing all our questions and uncertainties and doubt, all our feelings of inadequacy and wonderings of “enough.” 

Bearing Witness, Reclaiming Kinship reminds us to trust in the Spirit of a Living God who is still at work in and with us, ever redeeming and inviting us in. 

  • A Year-Long Emphasis, Beginning Fall 2018

    We invite you to be a part of a season in the life of Emmaus Way. During and outside of our Sunday gatherings, in our life together,  we will journey together to be a people Bearing Witness, Reclaiming Kinship. 

  • Intentional, Communal Practices

    Throughout this season, there will be different invitations to engage in communal practices outside of the Sunday Gathering centered around Bearing Witness, Reclaiming Kinship. The first of these is practices invites us to gather around one another in dinner groups 3 times over 8 weeks this August–October. If you'd like to be connected to a dinner group and aren't already, reach out to Elizabeth Efird

  • honest and broken, not perfect or Right

    We aren't Bearing Witness, Reclaiming Kinship to fix, to save, to answer, or to "be right".  We're Bearing Witness, Reclaiming Kinship to bring our whole selves to one another and God, to foster beloved community, to question, wonder and savor, to tell of how the world breaks our heart as well as where the world causes us to come alive. And to go do something about it—together.