Emmaus Way Amidst the Pandemic

Emmaus Way, an Open Table community captivated by the Gospel, is not cancelled nor closed...

but it has temporarily changed...

We are intentionally choosing to gather in a way that prioritizes the safety of the most vulnerable during this extended pandemic season. We recognize the drawbacks of gathering virtually, but also value the presence of all members of our community, including those who cannot gather in physical proximity right now. We know this situation is temporary, and with that in mind, we move forward with virtual gatherings with the hope and expectation that one day we will be together in person again.  

We meet together via Zoom on Sundays at 4:00pm.

Our gatherings usually last about an hour.

Our time together is casual, conversational, and as creative as possible considering the limits virtual gathering imposes upon us. Our community is shaped by a commitment to radical hospitality and a desire to foster mutuality - and so it moves and shifts depending on who is present at any given gathering. 

We recognize that it might feel awkward and/or intimidating to join such a group via Zoom for the first time. Nonetheless, we invite you to the conversation, knowing that any community (even virtual) is a life-giving treasure right now. 

Feel free to reach out (admin@emmausway.net) for the zoom link and information, as well as with any questions you have about joining our gatherings.

One Farewell, Nine Invitations

On departing for maternity leave in April, Molly offered a farewell message and presented nine personal invitations from Staff and Lead Team into a Season of Sabbath and Communion at Emmaus Way.