Our Sunday worship gathering is when we corporately come together to reflect, pray, and speak to God at work in the world and in our lives. The tone of our worship gatherings is very relaxed. We sit in the round, and listening to  together around dialogical style of "sermon" conversations. Our style of music could be called a fusion of contemporary acoustic & folk alternative, but includes music drawn from a variety of sources and centuries. We've made a commitment to supporting local, professional musicians and have a remarkably gifted community of musicians who play during our Sunday evenings together. The worship gathering, though casual, is liturgically shaped. We celebrate an open table Eucharist at every gathering.

Join us for our weekly worship gathering from 4:30–6:00 on Sunday evenings at 304 East Trinity Avenue, Durham, NC 27701. 

We meet in the education building of Calvary UMC, and enter through the ground floor entrance on the rear side (near the playground). There is parking beside the education building, along the street, and in an overflow lot across Elizabeth Street.


For the next few weeks, we're engaging in an intentional, communal dialogue that gets us asking ourselves (and really thinking and praying about),"Where does the rubber hit the road for us as we live into our Minister's Liturgy together?" 

We'll begin by dialoguing around two questions:
1. What does "co-minister" mean to you? 
2. Of the six Minister's Liturgy vows, which vow stirs up the most fear within yourself and/or for this community? Why? 

Give these questions some thought before Sunday as we all come ready to speak, listen, and learn. We hope to see you Sunday night!


This week the kids will transition into our new All Saints curriculum! We'll be reading about our great cloud of witnesses, brainstorming some of our own, and starting a paper chain that will continue throughout the series until Advent! 

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Kids Volunteers Needed:

Every Sunday, the younger half of our church (i.e. the kids) meet separately for part of the Sunday worship gathering where four awesome teachers lead them in lessons, prayer, and play. But those teachers cannot do it alone! Every Sunday volunteers from the community work with the kids too. It's a rewarding and fun experience that we'd encourage you to join.

Would you be willing to volunteer 1-2 Sundays per quarter to work with the kids? Having kids of your own is by no means a prerequisite. If you're interested, please let Kaleb Naegeli, our Kid's Coordinator, know.