[This time of global pandemic has deeply reshaped our life as a worshiping

Christian community. We are currently meeting outdoors on a weekly basis with alternating locations.

Read more about Emmaus Way during Covid-19 here.]

The tone of our weekly corporate gathering is very relaxed.  But though casual, our Sunday evenings together are intentionally and liturgically shaped. 

This time always includes artful, dialogical worship: sitting in the round, honest conversation, confession and absolution, and celebrating an inclusive, open table Eucharist. Often, we employ local musicians and visual artists whose voices shape our time together. Always, we value incorporating diverse practices and voices into our communal dialogue around God at work in scripture and our world.

On any given week, we may also eat together, dive into faith exploration, engage in a book study, go in depth with a missional partner, or pray and create art together. 

Feel free to reach out (admin@emmausway.net) for more information, as well as with any questions you have about joining our gatherings.

We are currently meeting every Sunday, outdoors, in alternating locations. 

Some Sundays we meet in the parking lot at Elizabeth St UMC (1209 N. Elizabeth St) and others we meet at Rockwood Park (2310 Whitley Dr.).

Calendar and Details