Our Sunday worship gathering is when we corporately come together to reflect, pray, and speak to God at work in the world and in our lives. The tone of our worship gatherings is very relaxed. We sit in the round, and listening to  together around dialogical style of "sermon" conversations. Our style of music could be called a fusion of contemporary acoustic & folk alternative, but includes music drawn from a variety of sources and centuries. We've made a commitment to supporting local, professional musicians and have a remarkably gifted community of musicians who play during our Sunday evenings together. The worship gathering, though casual, is liturgically shaped. We celebrate an open table Eucharist at every gathering.

Join us for our weekly worship gathering from 4:30–6:00 on Sunday evenings at 304 East Trinity Avenue, Durham, NC 27701. 

We meet in the education building of Calvary UMC, and enter through the ground floor entrance on the rear side (near the playground). There is parking beside the education building, along the street, and in an overflow lot across Elizabeth Street.


We are starting a series for the first three weeks of Easter entitled: "Converting the Church: Three Easter Stories". The series will rely on the narrative work in Tim's dissertation on how spirituality and Christianity is engaged in social justice activism.  During these three weeks, we'll look at three different types of "conversion" that are critical to negotiating and contesting one's faith in order to embrace a gospel of justice and to live a more vibrant life of faith.    

The first Sunday focuses on "Running Away: The importance of running away from faith, church, and religion." The second Sunday will look at "Including: Adding new traditions and texts to your faith and belief system." The final Sunday will focus on "Joining: Engaging larger movements to animate your faith." 

Each week Tim will focus on a narrative text from his work (as well as a biblical narrative).  This week, we'll look at an amazing life, "Nell Baldwin" (a pseudonym) -- an educator in a primarily Black high school school who politically went from being a "Republican to the left of a democratic socialist in two years" and whose faith commitments moved from Missouri Synod Lutheran to Evangelical to currently being a non-practicing theist who draws on many textual traditions.  This is a remarkable young woman; her story of "losing faith" (a gross oversimplification) is truly inspiring.      


This week the kids will begin a new unit for Eastertide on the early church in Acts. We'll start by picking up where our scripture left off last week: the walk to Emmaus. We'll learn about what it means to recognize Jesus, where we might recognize Jesus in our own lives, and start a six-week cumulative art project.