We are an intergenerational community...


Children are both givers and recipients of radical hospitality.

Children and adults expand and enliven each other's understanding of the gospel.

Spiritual formation is rooted in the shared life and practice of Christian community. 

Spiritual formation is a whole community, whole life responsibility. 

At Emmaus Way, children and adults work together to embody gospel-shaped community. We understand children as whole people rather than incomplete adults and invite children to be full participants in our efforts to understand and enact the Kingdom of God. We strive to welcome and integrate children in our larger adult worship spaces and invite adults into our kid-friendly worship and teaching spaces.


During our weekly worship gathering, we have activities for all ages of children, guided by our safe sanctuary policy. They play, engage with scripture, do art projects, and are led by a dedicated staff and a wonderful team of volunteers. Kids are also more than welcome in our larger worship gathering. We love hearing their voices!

  • Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers | Our littlest ones at Emmaus Way have their own safe space to rest, play, and to engage stories shared by our teachers and volunteers. They are divided by age into two adjoining rooms which are equipped with air purifiers. Masks will be worn by all children 2+ and by volunteers at all times, except while eating and drinking.  Right now, we are asking parents to enter the main floor of the Elizabeth St UMC building by the door facing Elizabeth Street. They will be greeted by our teachers who will help their child transition to the nursery space. Parents can then proceed downstairs to the larger gathering. The nursery will remain open for the entire gathering, but parents are welcome to pick up their little ones to participate in the outdoor communal singing and the Open Table portion of the gathering. 
  • Elementary School-Aged Kids | Our elementary school-aged children are engaged by teachers and volunteers in a time and space dedicated to exploring scripture, asking questions, and responding to narratives and issues of their lives. They also have time for free play and creative expression.
  • Youth| Our youth spend time in the larger gathering with adults and have their own designated gatherings where they build relationships, have fun, and create mutually safe space to explore biblical texts alongside real life issues and questions.